Referenzen / references


Helmut Jansohn

Managing director

Helmut Jansohn is responsible for the complete purchase of our products,
the storekeeping and its quality control.
Inland and abroad both for the sale for orthopaedic shoe technicians, bandage manufacturers and measure shoemaker.

Christian Heller

Contact person for shoe makers

Christian Heller is your contact person in Vienna for repair shoemakers, measure shoemakers, orthopaedics shoe technician and bandage manufacturers.
He visits and supplies our customers in regular distances, presents the products and cares about your wishes personally.

Martin Rührl

Store, Purchase and Sale

Martin Rührl is responsible for the whole store, the purchase and sale of furniture-, purse- and clothing leather.

Marcus Rocki

Vice Manager

Office, Store and Sale

Marcus Rocki is responsible for english proposals, the whole store, sale and for international clients.