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According to the traditional classic method of the pit tanning with only vegetable
tanning agents and a tanning time of over 12 months, in Germany’s oldest city for
125 years at the company Rendenbach sole leather has been produced.
The connection exclusively sorted first-class grey-cloth from the
best and most expensive provenances of Europe with this natural one
Refining process makes the production of those high-quality natural products possible.
So Rendenbach old-tanned leathers are taking top position in the shoe repair- and
orthopaedics- sector all over the world.
To be able to satisfy the high requirement of the company Rendenbach,
will be the main challange for the company now in the fourth generation represent!

Characteristic advantages of the natural Rendenbach
Pit tanning:

+ specifically light weight
+ extreme high breathability
+ strength in all skin parts connected with flexibility
+ extreme good strip waste by a smooth fibre cut
+ long durability and carrying duration
+ of course elegant grain picture