Referenzen / references


Museum Calf

Storing in 7 colours (1,2-1,4 mm).
Full grain anilin calf with a special high gloss and a marbled surface. The ideal leather for the modern bespoke shoe.


Storing in 10 colours (1,3-1,5 mm).
Full scarred Anilincalf with a special high gloss. The most elegant leather, that you can offer your demanding customers.

Braided leather

Storing in 10 colours (0,9-1,1 mm).
Braided, shining Calfskin available in 60 cm of breadth.
Ideal for combinations for example with Box Calf. An optimal leather or for the summer shoe completely out of braided leather.


Tanned, not finished boxcalf, ready for coloration. Storing 1,2-1,4 mm strengths.


Available in 8 colours. The special treat for the elegant hand-made shoe.

Calfscotch- Grain

Storing in 9 colours (1,1-1,3 mm).
Imprinting like Scotch-Grain, but in skin halves with silky shine. Particularly
suitable for smart casual, hand-made shoes.

Russian Leather

Produced from the tannery Horween from Chicago.
Storing in 5 colours (1,6-1,8mm).
Embossed cattle halves, particularly suitable for smart casual, hand-made shoes.
The leather is combined tanned and aniline finished.


Storing in 4 colours (1,8-2,0 mm).
Chrome-tanned calfskin, in barrols greased. Suitable for the sporting winter shoe and the
comfortable walking shoe.


Storing in black, wine-red, dark brown (2,2 – 2,4 mm).
Chrome-tanned calfskin, water-repellent.
Perfect for the hard-wearing shoe with metal-hood.

WR-100 Superproof

Storing in 2 colours (1,3-1,5 mm and 1,8-2,0 mm).
Any shoe processed with WR 100 Superproof is:

+ absolutely water-resistant (8 hours-test!)
+ air-tight
+ acid-resistant
+ pleasantly breathable
+ the leather is softly and specially comfortable
+ the shoe remains gently and softly for a life-long time
+ the shoe dries fast
+ also at a long water abandonment the shoe remains soft and comfortable

Therefore WR 100 Superproof is the ideal leather for golf- and outdoor-shoes.


Storing in 7 colours (1,4 – 1,6mm).
From the reverse side finished hunting calf.
Particularly suitable for the elegant hand-made shoe.


Storing in black (1,6-1,8 mm).
Cow halves corrected with a shiny surface. Is used for the
hard-wearing men’s shoe as well as for an easier worker shoe.

Cow leather

Storing in colour “nature” (2,3-2,5 mm).
Finished from the reverse side , been greasy into train oil and tanned vegetably.
For Climbing boots, endeavour shoes and suitable for the agricultural area.

Calf lining – soft

Storing 0,7-0,9 mm, 1,0-1,2 mm and 1,2-1,4 mm strengths.
Very soft chrome-tanned lining leather, particularly suitable for sensitive feet.

Calf lining – firm

Storing 0,8 – 0,9 mm and 1,2 – 1,4 mm strengths.
Chrome-tanned lining leather with a little more solid handle.

Calf lining – embossed

Storing 0,8-0,9 mm strengths.
Chrome-tanned, not through-perforated calf lining leather, special for footbeds and insoles.

Buffalo calf lining

Storing 0.7-0.8mm strength.
Combined-tanned, solid and very smooth surface with a very light silky shine.

Buffalo calf lining – perforated

Storing 0.7-0.8mm strength.
Combined-tanned, perforated (not through perforated), solid and very smooth surface with a very light silky shine. Special for footbeds and insoles.

WR-100 Cow Lining

Storing 1,0-1,2 mm strength.
Combined-tanned cow lining leather, because it is very
sweat- absorptive and breathable and it is always drying out into the original
soft condition.

Goat lining

Storing 0,6 – 0,7 mm strength.
Chrome-tanned, very soft, lightly coloured. Particulary suitable for fine ladies’ shoes.


Storing in the colour beige, very smooth on the skin, close-cropped.

Martin Pit Tanning

According to the traditional classic method of the pit tanning with only vegetable
tanning agents and a tanning time of over 18 months, in Germany’s oldest tannery since 1645 at the company Martin sole leather has been produced.
The connection exclusively sorted first-class grey-cloth from the
best and most expensive provenances of Europe with this natural one
Refining process makes the production of those high-quality natural products possible.
To be able to satisfy the high requirement of the company Martin,
will be the main challange for the company now in the tenth generation represent!

Characteristic advantages of the natural Martin
Pit tanning:

+ specifically light weight
+ extreme high breathability
+ strength in all skin parts connected with flexibility
+ extreme good strip waste by a smooth fibre cut
+ long durability and carrying duration
+ of course elegant grain picture

Old tanner necks

Old tanner necks for insoles and caps.
1,5-2,0 mm/2,0-2,5 mm/2,5-3,0 mm/3,0-3,5 mm/3,5-4,0 mm/4,0-5,0 mm

Old tanner Croupon

Tannery Martin
Old-tanned Croupon in a firm execution. 2,0-2,5 mm/ 2,5-3,0 mm/
3,0-3,5 mm/3,5-4,0 mm/4,0-4,5 mm/4,5-5,0 mm/5,0-5,5 mm/5,5-6,0 mm


Necks for insoles and caps:
1,5-2,0 mm/2,0-2,5 mm/2,5-3,0 mm/3,0-3,5 mm


Croupon for the quality-conscious repair.
2,5-3,0 mm/3,0-3,5 mm/3,5-4,0 mm/4,0-4,5 mm/4,5-5,0 mm/5,0-5,5 mm/5,5-6,0 mm

Midsoles Croupon

Storing in 3,0-4,0 mm, 4,0-5,0 mm and 5,0-6,0 mm.

Hand polish

The polish has to be applied simply by hand. It is available in black and nature
and awards the leather uppers a silky brilliance.

Ortho footprint foam

For the exact measure of a footprint.

Leather frame

Leather frame in different colours and kinds, sample on inquiry.