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Furniture Leather

We can offer you as follows:

+ big colour- and quality- selection
+ strengths of 1,1-1,5 mm
+ several surface options
+ minimum purchasing quantity: half a skin
+ price: EUR 37,- per sqm
On inquiry we like to send you quality- and colour- patterns.

Leather Care

Every product covered in leather is unique in its kind.
The natural characteristics of furniture leather and the pleasant touch lend themselves perfectly to armchairs, couches and chairs, adding a touch of elegance and class to the furniture.
Daily care of the leather is not difficult and needs only a bit of attention. All the leathers have already been treated for dust resistance.

  • Don’t ever use chemical products or specific cleaning products currently in the market, as they can adversely affect the characteristics of the leather.
  • Ensure that your sofa is positioned at least 50cm away from heat sources such as fireplaces, stoves and heaters. Do not expose leather to direct sun light or other strong light sources, as these may cause colors to change.

Advice for cleaning and maintenance

  1. Dust periodically with a wool cloth.
  2. Air the environment on humid days.
  3. If absolutely necessary, use a synthetic sponge dampened with distilled water in a
    circular motion over the mark/stain without using any pressure and dry carefully with a wool cloth.