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Finest Leather

We supply top quality worldwide

Available in 26 colours ( 1,0-1,2mm).

Smooth, clean and water repellent bovine halves. Ideal for orthopedic shoes and sneakers.

Storing in 11 colours (1,2-1,4 mm). Soft half-bovine leather with pebble grain.
Especially for sport, work and leisure time shoes.

Storing in 10 colours (0,9-1,1 mm).
Braided, shining Calfskin available in 60 cm of breadth.
Ideal for combinations for example with Box Calf. An optimal leather or for the summer shoe completely out of braided leather.

Available in 8 colours. The special treat for the elegant hand-made shoe.

Thermoplastically deformable plastic bracing.