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Finest Leather

We supply top quality worldwide

Available in 26 colours ( 1,0-1,2mm).

Smooth, clean and water repellent bovine halves. Ideal for orthopedic shoes and sneakers.

Storing in 7 colours (1,2-1,4 mm).
Full grain anilin calf with a special high gloss and a marbled surface. The ideal leather for the modern bespoke shoe.

Storing in 11 colours (1,2-1,4 mm). Soft half-bovine leather with pebble grain.
Especially for sport, work and leisure time shoes.

Storing in 25 colours (1.0 – 1.2 mm). Very smooth cow-leather (halves), solid-coloured, water-repellent with
high abration. The lower price-variant for the orthopaedic shoe.

Storing in 16 colours (0,9-1,1 mm und 1,2-1,4 mm). Smooth calf napa leather,
water-repellent, solid-coloured, with a fine silk-gloss. Perfect for the elegant version of an orthopaedic shoe.

Storing in 16 colours (0,9-1,1 mm). Extra soft calf napa leather,
water-repellent, solid-coloured, with a fine mill grain, particularly
suitable for sensitive feet and diabetics.

Storing in 23 colours (1,0-1,2 mm).
Fine sharpened Velours Split, water-repellent and solid-coloured, suitable for colour-combinations with Ortho-Soft.
Perfect for the hard-wearing shoe.

Storing in 2 colours (1,3-1,5 mm and 1,8-2,0 mm).
Any shoe processed with WR 100 Superproof is:

+ absolutely water-resistant (8 hours-test!)
+ air-tight
+ acid-resistant
+ pleasantly breathable
+ the leather is softly and specially comfortable
+ the shoe remains gently and softly for a life-long time
+ the shoe dries fast
+ also at a long water abandonment the shoe remains soft and comfortable

Therefore WR 100 Superproof is the ideal leather for orthopaedic (worker) shoes.

Storing in 4 colours (1,8-2,0 mm).
Chrome-tanned calfskin, in barrols greased. Suitable for the sporting winter shoe and the
comfortable walking shoe.

Storing in black, wine-red, dark brown (2,2 – 2,4 mm).
Chrome-tanned calfskin, water-repellent.
Perfect for the hard-wearing shoe with metal-hood.